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Closet Critique

Share Your Style With the World

Are You Really Going Out Dressed Like That?
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Anybody is welcome to join this community to discuss everything and anything about fashion. The intent of this community is to
(1) post pictures of your daily wardrobe choices for critique and admiration
(2) discuss the latest fashion trends

These are the basic rules:
1. NO NUDITY please. Suggestive posts will be deleted.
2. Posts with more than one picture need to be behind an lj-cut
3. Don't be overtly mean or judgemental. Yes, this is a critique site, but nobody should be made to feel unwelcome here

Please take a few moments of your time to fill out this fashion survey to introduce yourself when joining closet_critique!
*How would you describe your style?:
*Favorite item of clothing you own:
*Favorite shoes:
*Favorite colors:
*Favorite accessories:
*How big is your wardrobe?:
*What are you favorite trends, past or present?:
*Who is your style icon?:
*What are your favorite stores to shop at?:
*Who are your favorite designers?
*Do you prefer to shop designer brands, or prefer a look for less?:
*What would you NEVER wear?:
*If you were able to go on a shopping spree (where money isn't an issue) what would you buy?